The members of the Altius Quartet come from diverse backgrounds having been exposed to an array of musical genres from an early age. This debut album pays homage to the many influences that have shaped Altius as musicians and artists. The album surveys popular music throughout the ages spanning from a quartet by Franz Josef Haydn to “Beat it” by Michael Jackson. Each work has been derived from a universal source of invention and innovation and is representative of the time in history form whence it came. Some of the works may be familiar, others may be an entirely new exeriecene; however, all carry the same idea of communication. Communication is the fundamental element that allows music to transcend all boundaries. Music has the ability to communicate in a common tongue and touch people universally. This album explores how the string quartet can present different genres of music uniquely to break down barriers and connect with audiences from all walks of life. From Bolcom to Brubeck, all can find common ground through the idea that music is an integral part of the human experience.

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“The appeal for this album is huge. It introduces classical music to those that are not normally fans…” --Review Graveyard (Darren Rea)

“Whatever possessed the Altius Quartet to come up with a program blending the talents of Franz Joseph Haydn and William Bolcom with four pop arrangements turns out be a most fortunate inspiration…” --Audiophile Audition