Looking toward the future....

The string quartet is among the most celebrated ensembles in musical history and is rich in its ability to communicate a diverse range of sounds and emotions. Fitting into the Altius Quartet’s mission of building new audiences for classical music, we are dedicated to educating young people on the wide-ranging possibilities of our art form. In our educational programs, we focus on the traditional and more progressive aspects of the string quartet in order to excite students about the capability and variety string instruments possess. We believe that no repertoire is too advanced for children and have found ways to get emotional and analytical responses on everything from Haydn to the late quartets of Beethoven. We are even able to challenge them as listeners with music by more modern composers, such as Ligeti or Shostakovich. As a treat for the students, we present our arrangements of popular music at the end of each outreach program to show how versatile and exciting playing a string instrument can be. Children are the future of artistic expression and creativity and Altius is honored to present classical music in a way that promotes emotional response and collaboration.