Dress Code

Navona Records - 2017

Available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, and ArkivMusic


In consideration for nomination for the 60th Grammy Awards in the categories of Best Chamber Music/Small Ensemble Performance, Best Classical Compendium Album, and "Take on Me" for Best Arrangement Instrumental or A Cappella.

The debut album from the Altius Quartet.  The quartet's core mission is to strive for universality in their music and communicate directly with their listeners. It's this outlook that led to Dress Code's eclectic blend of genres, with works from eighteenth-century classical repertoire to 1980's pop being presented both on their own and combined in new arrangements. Altius attributes the album's appeal for a wide range of musical palates to "each work being derived from a universal source of invention and innovation, representative of the times in history from whence they came."

Shosty cover.png

Shostakovich - String Quartets 7, 8, & 9

Navona Records - 2017

Available October 2017